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Lesson One

In this lesson I am inviting you to enter into the amazing life of Christ and to take your seat at His feasting table. Prayerfully listen to the video and then use the Workbook pages to personalize the lesson. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you receive the truth into your thinking and eventually into your heart.

Click on this link to open the Workbook pages for this lesson: Strengthen My Faith – Lesson One

The Lessons for the Workbook are PDF files. You should be able to click on the link and the files will open. If now, you may need to load the free Adobe Reader program. Just click on the link on this page and follow the prompts.

Lesson Two

We live by a different set of standards and operate by a different set of laws. God created laws for the spiritual realm as well as the natural realm. As followers of Jesus Christ and citizens of heaven, we want to renew our minds and live our lives by the ways of God. Changing our minds, our habits, and our lives requires us to learn and practice the new ways. We continue to practice consistently, which will allow us to become more fully the new creation in Christ.

As we renew our minds we strengthen our faith. We begin to live by faith and not by sight. And we are able to tap into the power and receive the benefits of God’s kingdom. Click here to personalize this lesson for your life > > Lesson 2 Workbook


Lesson Three

Roll up your sleeves and get ready to get down to some powerful truths about God, the power He gives, and how Jesus instructs us to seek answers for our challenges.

During the live presentation of this lesson, multiple people wanted a set of the slides I used so they could review them. So I’ve added them here and you can access them using the link below. This is a PDF file and should open immediately when you click it OR download into your download folder. It is read using Adobe Reader. Most computer already have the software installed, but if you need it, just click on the link provided with Lesson One to access the free tool.

Click here to personalize this lesson for your life > > Lesson 3 Workbook


Lesson Four

I remember when I had to admit to myself that I had been sloppy with my words. It’s not like I was swearing or anything like that. Instead, I just had never been taught how powerful, impactful, and useful my words were in the sight of God. When we look at what His Word teaches us about our words, it’s sobering and exciting. We have so much more power available to us if we learn God’s Word and then walk in His ways, which includes using our words to cause actions.

That’s what this final lesson is all about. I’ve included just some of the scriptures about the importance of our words. The Bible is full of examples and instructions. Clearly, renewing our minds to the importance of our spoken words is a central element in our faith-driven life.

To take action on this lesson and practice it in your life, click on this link > > Lesson 4 Workbook

Also, one of my favorite books on using our words is called Words that Move Mountains. I read and meditate on a chapter or two every morning to feed my soul about these precepts. It’s a book of few pages, yet packed with powerful insights.